Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development is the premier Non Governmental organization, which is playing a vibrant role for the development of agriculture sector. Since its inception, CARD is doing a variety of interventions to develop rural India.

Under our very ambitious, Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Project , CARD has established more than 120 Bhagidari Agribusiness Centres in different districts of Uttar Pradesh. These centres are providing quality Agriinputs and agronomic advice to farmers, organizing farmers workshops, training programmes, contract farming, seed production programmes and participating in execution of Government schemes. Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development is only NGOs in India, which has the network of more than 120 Agribusiness Centres in UP under a unique model of agrienterpreneurship development.


To play a dynamic role in technology transfer, setting up agribusiness enterprises, forwards and backwards linkages, knowledge exchange.


Working as a umbrella among the entrepreneurs, experts and agribusiness entrepreise focused institutions and thus creating a viable platform to shift agriculture to agribusiness.

Agribusiness Project Consultancy

Diversification and newer agribusiness ventures are the solution to rural community to increase the income. Doing this will need expertise, linking with the market for sales, helping in bank loan and subsidy. The Centre for Agriculture & Rural Development under its ambitious project Bhagidari, would provide complete solution to the farmers and Agri-Entrepreneurs.

Market research and market entry

Centre for Agriculture is connected with large no of Agri-Entreprenuers , farmers. Under its Bhagidari project, CARD has setup more than 300 Agribusiness ventures in Uttar Pradesh. We can facilitate market entry and conduct authentic market survey.

Agri-Entreprenuers Networking

Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development, is thriving towards networking building of Agri-Entrepreneurs from all sectors like Dairy, Poultry, fisheries, vermi-compost. This network would help them in brand building, product selling and knowledge sharing.

Kisan Gosthi, farmers interaction groups

With the Bhagidari network, CARD can organize customize events, field demonstrations etc. The network of Agri-Entreprenuers expanded into deep rural areas.