The role of Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development for helping in loan sanctioning and getting my subsidy release has been crucial. After joining Bhagidari my business has increased in many folds. I have been able to to appoint more dealers and vendors, through the network.

Pashupati Bio-Sciences, Shamli

Bhagidari network has helped me to identify newer business opportunities, networking with other Agri-input supplier, which strengthen my business. The loan and subsidy has helped my business to stablized.

Bhagidari network and team has motivated me to setup my own business. The loan & Subsidy released under ACABC Scheme.

Bhagidari network, helped me a lot for establishing a Model Goat Farm in my village. Starting from breed buying to selling, loan and subsidy their role has been crucial.

Grow with the network, is a fantastic idea. I joined Bhagidari which helped me to grow with network. Loan and subsidy cleared.

Bhagidari helped me to get my Bio-fertilizer unit loan sanction. They have been very crucial to identify network for Bio-fertilizer sales.

I travelled across the country, after joining the Bhagidari. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, almost each Agriculture Institution I visited. Establish my Dairy with loan and subsidy. Providng consulatncy HCL

Annual event are really a motivation tool for all Agri-prenuers . It is really a need that all Agri-prenuers should come under Bhagidari umbrella. Loan & Subsidy released under ACABC Scheme.