Network of Agri Clinic and Agribusiness Centre

Livelihood Programs

CARD facilitates sustainable farm-livelihoods and sustenance post-project. The chief focus is large scale capacity building of small and marginal farmers to facilitate adoption of improved technologies and practices to attain rapid growth in farms enabling them to access mainstream markets to sustain the economic gains. The livelihoods activities broadly include improvement in agriculture, horticulture, livestock and agri-marketing sub-components.

This includes promotion of farmer interest groups, agricultural research and extension support through public agencies and private sector providers as appropriate, and facilitation of market linkages for agricultural producers’ groups including fisheries and livestock products.

It is seen that the livestock sub-sector has emerged as one of the key components of agricultural growth in recent years. As a result of steady transition from subsistence to market system, the economic dimensions of livestock have assumed increasing significance. Over 70% of the poor rural households depend on livestock farming for supplementary income. CARD has strong focus to facilitate livestock farming, especially Goatery, Fisheries and Dairy enabling a sustainable farm-livelihood.

Centre of Excellence:
Goat Ventures

Goat Ventures

The popularity of goats in India is immense, but goats are not available. Rural India has benefited greatly from the contribution of the goat. For many families in rural India, goats have been the only source of income and life. The milk, meat and manure from the goat are invaluable for sustenance in rural India. CARD is establishing a goat farm cum training centre in Gautam Buddha Nagar in U.P. by adopting and implementing modern and systematic scientific methods to make goat farming a more commercially viable proposition.

Goat Ventures

Fisheries Ventures

Indian fisheries and aquaculture is an important sector of food production, providing nutritional security to the food basket, contributing to the agricultural exports. CARD has established a close linkage with small-scale industries and startups with a cluster approach and with some amount of scientific inputs from ICAR to make it more profitable. CARD intends to enhance fish production and productivity in the country and to coordinate fishery development in an integrated and holistic manner.

Goat Ventures

Dairy Ventures

Dairy has extremely high potential in generating better income and food security throughout the country. During the next three years CARD is concentrating on three dairy clusters –Assam, U.P. and Odisha.