Network of Agri Clinic and Agribusiness Centre

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN)

The Rural Agri-Innovation Network dedicated to CARD’s effort to showcase a remarkable progress taken place in Agriculture space in rural India. RAIN is created with a mandate of knowledge sharing platform; has continued to run its activities through a participatory approach and demand driven agenda. RAIN is focused on transforming agriculture in to a sustainable & vibrant activity, which will improve farmers' livelihood and bring respect to the farming profession, especially in India. The strategic focus areas of RAIN platform of CARD is-

  • Documenting Innovation
  • Model Farm
  • Success Stories
  • Knowledge Sharing Platform
  • Strategic Networking & Alliances

Also CARD under its RAIN platform has launched a series of "Learning by Sharing Success Program" to demonstrate the success stories of the farming space in country and reward the progressive farmers thereon.