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Farmers’ Training cum Exposure Visit

Farmers’ Training cum Exposure Visit

It is a well-known fact that the farmers in general have a poor resource base as a result there risk bearing ability is also quite low. The farmers across different size groups are reluctant adopters they adopt new technology only after they are perfectly sure of its success and when they have seen the success through their own eyes. Farmer Exposure Visits provide a platform to the progressive farmers to expand their knowledge and skill by visiting to the places where new technologies and techniques are involved in agriculture and allied sectors. These Exposure visits takes the farmers beyond their district or state and let them an opportunity to learn and understand several techniques and ways of increasing their income by adopting new package and practices of agriculture.

This program involves learning through on-field teaching. Exposure visits enable farmers from different regions to interact with and learn from each other, allowing them to view practical examples of successful integration of sustainable practices in farming communities like their own. Exposure visits are conducted at various research institutes which provide live demo for a particular topic or subject on agriculture. CARD has conducted exposure trips, visits and/or organized trainings for 10,000 farmers since inception, we plan to train 1,00,000 farmers in total in the next 3 years.

Focus Area of Exposure Visit

  • Crop production
  • Pest management practices
  • Soil health management
  • Agriculture marketing
  • Post-harvest management
  • Farm mechanization
  • Resource planning and management
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Water and inputs management in agriculture
  • Biotechnology and seed production
  • Agriculture extension and farm mechanization